Tailor-made Chalet

Make your own wooden chalet as you have always dreamed of for yourself and your family. The architecture of the original Austrian and Swiss alpine chalets has been revived and improved by KOALA™ through innovative 3D design to realize your dream in wood. Rely on our experienced engineers to make you professionally design your new chalet for your land in the countryside or in the mountains, or your pool.

The KOALA™ team will be able to advise you on the choices of thickness of the walls and functional layout of the interiors. You are free to dream of a 3x3m house or a 100 sqm open-space double-volume chalet: we make it with an exclusive and romantic design, using only certified, eco-compatible woods with high energy efficiency. All you have to do is experience it all year round and enjoy the wholesomeness and the nature of its "balsamic" environments.

You can choose the wall thickness from 130mm up to 300mm both in blockhouse system (blockbau) and lamellar blockhouse. The spruce wood guarantees a thermal lambda equal to 0.13 W/mK and the wall thickness allows a thermal trasmittance U of the wall approximately equal to 2.9 W/m2K, suitable to create a house in C-Class of energy efficiency ranking. In addition, the double glazing doors and windows, provided with a high thickness of 3+9+3mm guarantee a living comfort for 365 days a year and a good energy saving for any heating/cooling system (all 28/40mm models have single-glazed windows and doors; all the 44/58/70mm models have double-glazed 3+9+3mm windows and doors). Furthermore, if you want to significantly increase the energy class of this wooden garden room, without impacting the budget, you can do it cost-efficiently by simply inserting a layer of insulating material (glass wool or rock wool) under the floor (therefore between the wooden floor and the concrete base) and/or above the roof (therefore between the wooden roof and the bituminous insulation sheath).

Like all the products of the KOALA ROYAL line, this wooden house uses only slow growing Nordic fir wood from forests managed to ensure the natural development of the logs, thus ensuring the correct density, strength and flexibility of the timber. The woods are of the highest quality with FSC-certification, designed in compliance with the Green Building Council (LEED) protocol that promotes healthiness, durability and best environmental practices in the design and construction of the house. The floor is included and is made up of solid Nordic spruce beams.

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How to Order

A technical-commercial team is at your complete availability via email or telephone to understand your product  desires and technical requirements. They can send you all the necessary information and a free project of your standard or custom-made wooden house. Call us or send us an email and you will be called back: email: info@casette-koala.it  - tel: (+39) 035.0667021

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