KOALA ROYAL wooden garden room characterized by the beautiful double front door with sliding doors "full glass", a nice front canopy and 3 large windows. This peculiarity guarantees an excellent interior lighting with natural light, with the benefit of internal health and comfort. Suitable as a "garden office" thanks to its ideal dimensions for a healthy and functional single office, it can also be used as “garden workshop” but even as a “garden room / garden lodge / garden pod” for to host friends and relatives. Do you want a personal and reserved place with a high aesthetic impact and maximum natural look? This wooden garden room with great robustness of materials and modern lines has the characteristics of your perfect garden house.

The peculiar flat roof provides the wooden house with modern and minimalist architecture lines, suitable for the most exclusive gardens. In addition, the particular and highly appreciated sliding door allows you to bring large furnishings inside but also to offer a warm welcome to your friends. The elegant and concrete design of this exclusive wooden lodge can satisfy the desires of a customer who is focuses to details and with the dream of having a distinctive place to work in their own garden, or a room with a thousand possible uses and with an astonishing design.

Main features of the wooden house

The garden room is suitable as an office, as a relax-room / wellness-room in a pool or spa area, a guest room in an aristocratic garden, or simply as a garden shed for a thousand uses. The prefabricated house has 44mm wall thickness but can be customized by our engineers with greater thickness (70mm, 90mm, 120mm) both in blockhouse system (blockbau) and lamellar blockhouse.

The double door is completely windowed and can be opened with sliding doors allowing natural light and bulky furniture to enter, and is ideal for welcoming guests and friends (dimensions 276x196cm). The roof, architecturally protected by the wide border, has a slope sufficient to drain the meteoric water and snow, moreover this slope is turned towards the back side ensuring a flow of rainwater hidden from the entrance. The floor is made of solid Nordic spruce and rests on the foundation axes which, in fact, are autoclave-treated boards, therefore suitable to resist to the water and the humidity that can be found above the concrete base.

Therefore, the spaces can be comfortably used in every season and at any outdoor temperature. In fact, the spruce wood guarantees a thermal lambda equal to 0.13 W/mK and the wall thickness allows a thermal trasmittance U of the wall approximately equal to 2.9 W/m2K, suitable to create a house in C-Class of energy efficiency ranking. In addition, the double glazing doors and windows, provided with a high thickness of 3+9+3mm guarantee a living comfort for 365 days a year and a good energy saving for any heating/cooling system (all 28/40mm models have single-glazed windows and doors; all the 44/58/70mm models have double-glazed 3+9+3mm windows and doors). Furthermore, if you want to significantly increase the energy class of this wooden garden room, without impacting the budget, you can do it cost-efficiently by simply inserting a layer of insulating material (glass wool or rock wool) under the floor (therefore between the wooden floor and the concrete base) and/or above the roof (therefore between the wooden roof and the bituminous insulation sheath).

Like all the products of the KOALA ROYAL line, this wooden house uses only slow growing Nordic fir wood from forests managed to ensure the natural development of the logs, thus ensuring the correct density, strength and flexibility of the timber. The woods are of the highest quality with FSC-certification, designed in compliance with the Green Building Council (LEED) protocol that promotes healthiness, durability and best environmental practices in the design and construction of the house. The floor is included and is made up of solid Nordic spruce beams.

Technical Characteristics

External front-side
3,6 x 7,4 m
Internal front-side
3,11 x 4,11 m
Height Min
Height Max
Wall Thickness

How to Order

A technical-commercial team is at your complete availability via email or telephone to understand your product  desires and technical requirements. They can send you all the necessary information and a free project of your standard or custom-made wooden house. Call us or send us an email and you will be called back: email:  - tel: (+39) 035.0667021

Optional & Services

Do you dream your little wooden house as a pleasant, solid and beautiful extension of your home? Then, if you wish, we also propose you the assembly of the house with our team of local master craftsmen. Ask for "optional-1 assembly on site" when ordering. In fact, it should be noted that a small house measuring 4x4m needs approximately one day of assembly work (for two people). You will be fully satisfied of the final result, also in the cost of on-site assembly includes a coat of impregnating agent for outdoor wood, which protects the house against atmospheric agents, fungi and molds.

Do you want to preserve the roof of your wooden house for a longer time? Then we suggest you to protect it with beautiful and robust Canadian shingles in bituminous sheath. Ask for "optional-2 Canadian shingles" when ordering, they will be assembled by our team of local master craftsmen.

Do you want to customize or design your own house, for example by changing the dimensions, adding doors, windows or interior walls? Then we offer you to make your new cottage more comfortable with the custom design of our engineers. Send us a drawing, even hand-made, with the measurements you want and we will design it for free.


Our engineers can design your custom-made LOFT. The dimensions, the layout of doors and windows, the thickness of the walls, the heights of the house can vary, in order to adapt to the needs of your building site and its internal function. We want to make your new cottage a place with the perfect comfort for your work or your relax all year long. A KOALA™ LOFT wood house offers you nature in and out the window and makes you save money. We build eco-sustainable, ecological and efficient houses. We apply modern wood construction technologies to create unique projects with high energetic performance and minimum environmental impact. Each house comes from a dream, and for us it is a pleasure make comfort, safety and savings come true!

  • The prices proposed here are always inclusive of VAT and ex-warehouse of departure.
  • The transport is at the expense of the customer (to be quoted according to the delivery city) and the cost includes delivery and unloading guaranteed by "wire truck" method. It is possible for the buyer to collect directly at our logistics, in this regard we advise you to pay attention to the measures and weight of the packaging shown on the product sheet to establish whether your vehicle is suitable.
  • The payment requires a deposit of at least 30% in the CONFIRMATION ORDER phase and the relative balance on delivery (for some products the balance is requested at "notice of goods ready for delivery"). Invoice emitted after the balance payment.
  • We make discounts for multiple purchases.
  • Europe / Italy warranty for production defects for 2 years and All-Risks insured transport.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service with local master craftsmen team (optional on request).

Building with wood is an excellent choice because it means the many advantages that this natural and environmentally sustainable material offers. Do not settle for a simple wooden building, buy instead a high-quality, certified, high-quality wooden building. Natural, ductile, resistant, light, always been used successfully for the most different applications, wood is the only renewable and sustainable raw material. It comes from nature and returns to nature. For the construction of wooden buildings, forests are not deforested. In fact, we use only wood from FSC certified forests (with forest management plans) that allow the slow and solid growth of trees at their natural pace and without impoverishing the environment.

Living surrounded by wood is naturally comfortable. All the elements of nature transmit to man a sense of well-being that improves the quality of life. The quality wooden buildings offer energy, thermal, acoustic and safety performances that make them by far the best choice for realizing the places where we spend most of our lives.

How to order

We fully support via phone and email each client, architect or engineer who needs to design a tailor-made project. Our technical-commercial team will listen to your desires and technical requirements to provide the advices and recommendations. Call us or send us an email and you will be called back: email:  - tel: (+39) 035.0667021

Why buy Koala™ products

WOOD CULTURE But also professionalism of design and seriousness to express the best way the quality of the wood material and to transform it into your living space.

SPECIALIZATION Unique in Italy to build in an innovative and cost-efficient way with the round log blockhouse with 3D-design even for small houses and chalets. A continuous growth in production that today brings the KOALA brand to be the most sought-after, the most exclusive in Italy for wooden chalets.

HIGH QUALITY We strictly use selected material of "Grade-A". We design internally and manufacture directly on lines in Scandinavia to ensure maximum control of the production process and of the final product. Nordic white fir wood certified CE for construction grade, certified laminated wood.

CUSTOMIZATION EACH KOALA is an original and distinctive house because it is customised according to the customer's dreams. We design and build custom wooden houses of all kinds, from the massive classic blockhouse to the blockhouse with round lamellar logs.

COMPLETE SERVICE Complete service to the customer up to assembly and ordinary maintenance.

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